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Video tutorial

Game controls

This is based on the default config. LMB = Left Mouse Button RMB = Right Mouse Button


Show join menu: [L]

Show scoreboard: [TAB] (hold)

Toggle spectator menu: [CTRL] (same as skill key) 


Sprinting drains stamina

Forward: [W]

Back: [S]

Left: [A]

Right: [D]

Jump: [SPACE]

Sprint: [SHIFT] (hold)

Walk: [C] (hold) 


Look down to keep the ball near you.

Dribble shot: [LMB] (hold or tap to dribble) 


Look down to shoot lower, look up to shoot higher.

Charged shot: [RMB] (hold to charge, release to shoot) 


Same as shooting. 


Press the key shortly before you shoot and hold it until the shot was performed.

Curl left: [A]

Curl right: [D]

Topspin: [SPACE] (holding the jump key is enough, you don't have to be in the air) 


Same as shooting, with ball at hip height. 


Same as shooting, with ball at head height. 


Be patient and don't let the attacker run past you.

Pressure: [LMB] (hold while close to opponent)

Block shot: [LMB] (hold while standing between attacker and target)

Slide tackle: [ALT] (while moving) 


Goalkeepers behave the same as outfield players outside the penalty box.

Side dive left: [A] + [SPACE]

Side dive right: [D] + [SPACE]

Forward dive: [W] + [SPACE]

Back dive: [S] + [SPACE]

Jump: [ALT] + [SPACE]

TV camera: [G] (only works while ball is in opposite half) 



  Skill moves

Hold [CTRL] in addition to the specific keys.

Lift up ball: [LMB] (with ball in front)

Rainbow flick: [LMB] (with ball behind)

Precision dribble: [A/D] + [LMB] (with ball in front or to the side)

Backward dribble: [S] + [LMB] (with ball behind or to the side)

Side or back heel: [A/D/S] + [LMB] (with ball coming from behind. Requires another player, or use ball cannon during warm up)

Sombrero flick: [A/D/S] + [LMB] (with ball at hip height)

Diving header: [W] + RMB]

Bicycle kick: [S] + RMB]


Hold [E] in addition to the specific keys.

Point finger: [LMB]

Wave hand: [RMB]


Hold [E] in addition to the specific keys. Once activated holding [E] is enough to stay in the celebration.

Left fist pump: [CTRL] + [LMB]

Right fist pump: [CTRL] + [RMB]

Fall down forward: [ALT]

Fall down back: [S] + [ALT]

Airplane / Jet: [CTRL] + [W]

Backflip: [S] + [ALT]

Dab: [A] + [CTRL]

Cross: [S] + [CTRL]

Arrow: [D] + [CTRL]

Boxing: [SPACE]

One arm raise: [ALT] + [D]


Scoreboard: [TAB]

Join menu: [L]

Toggle player name: [V]

Create ball during warm-up: [Q]

Shoot ball cannon: [R] (replays first shot done after pressing [Q])

Toggle warm up menu: [P]

Talk in voice chat: [K]

Talk in all chat: [Y]

Talk in team chat: [U]

Talk in spectator chat: [I] (when you are on the bench of a team)